The association accomplishes its goals through the hard work and dedication of our various volunteer committees, which are chaired by association board members.  We encourage our members to become involved on our committees.  If you’d like to help out on any of our committees, please contact the appropriate board member.

Finance & Administration

Review need for a source of income, anticipate expenditures, recommend dues and assessments, and recommend an annual budget.


To audit the Treasurer’s Annual Report, records of receipts and expenditures and to prepare an annual audit report.


To keep the public in general, residents of Long and Green Lake Townships, the lake residents and members of the Association in particular, aware of the Association’s interests, objectives and new activities by the Newsletter, website, email, etc. Includes the design, updating, and maintenance of the website.

Lake Science

To study and monitor water quality and level and to observe and report problems of pollution, soil and bank erosion, etc.  This work is carried out by NMC summer interns in the Fresh Water Sciences program.  Annual reports of lake measurements: phosphorus, nitrogen, and dissolved oxygen are stored on this page.

Membership & Nominating

To achieve maximum membership participation, to consider service to and needed by the membership and encourage LLA member participation in activities of the Association, including service on the Board.

Community Affairs

To monitor Township Board, Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, other Township committees and other public meetings and to provide communication between those governmental agencies and the Association.

Island Maintenance

To maintain and check on conditions of the islands.  This committee installs and removes the dock on South Island.  Also, manages keeping the trails on the islands clear of fallen trees.  Maintains the outhouses.  Makes recommendation for island erosion control.

Lake Management

In conjunction with the Township, organize and administer the effort to locate and control noxious exotic weed infestations. Maintain awareness of and advise Board of management alternatives. Organize and oversee control activities.

Fish & Wildlife

To monitor the lake fishery and do those things that are in the best interest of keeping Long, Mickey and Ruth lakes quality fishing lakes. The Board of Directors must approve all plans or projects.

Water Safety

To promote water safety education, establish water use regulations, and set up water safety regulations under Public Act 303 (1967). This is presumed to include “no-wake” regulations, noise, boat speed limits, patrols, signs, etc.