It was a busy year on the lake for the Grand Traverse Sherriff’s Marine Patrol. There was a total of 236 hours of patrol in 2019, the most of any area lakes. Some other interesting stats are: The patrol had 820 contacts with boaters on the lake issuing 109 warnings and issued just 15 citations. There were only 2 reported boating accidents.

To answer some member’s questions about watercraft registration, you must have Michigan boat registration numbers displayed on your watercraft except the following watercraft: Privately owned rowboats 16′ or less in length, privately owned non-motorized canoes, kayaks or paddleboards. All watercraft with a motor must be registered including electric and inflatable vessels.

With higher than normal lake levels shoreline damage has been occurring.  If you have a wake boat that leaves a  larger than a normal wake, we are asking that you stay toward the middle of the lake, this way it will minimize the waves that are hitting our beaches.

Michigan Boating Laws