The largest of the 20 inland lakes in Long Lake Township, Long Lake is the township’s signature water feature. Located in Grand Traverse County, the township, established in 1867, hosts the largest portion of the lake.  Its southern part is in Green Lake Township.  Integral to the Long Lake system are two smaller, adjoining waterways, Mickey and Ruth lakes. The Long Lake Watershed is comprised of 2,860 acres of lake surface and 11,596 acres of land that drain into the lake – a total watershed of 14,456 acres. No major inlets flow to Long Lake.  It is predominantly spring-fed.  Sucker Creek at its south end flows to Lake Dubonnet – then onto Lake Ann and Platte Lake.  Lake Michigan is the final repository.


Long Lake has a surface area of 4.5 square miles and includes 88,272 feet of shoreline. Maximum lake depth is 88 feet with an average depth of 26 feet. Among Long Lake’s unique aspects are its islands. South Island is a natural preserve open to the public and is maintained by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. Four of the islands (Long, Picnic, Fox and South) are dedicated to the public for use as parks and are open to the public with reasonable use restrictions.